Our Solution -PatientApps™

PatientApps™ gives the patient a complete picture of their care path using your pre-procedure and post-procedure protocols,

  • Compliance inducing tools
  • Contingent communications with the hospital

...and it's on their smart-phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Patient Satisfaction – set appropriate patient and family expectations
  • Improved Outcomes – better patient and family education means better at-home-care compliance
  • 30-day readmission rates –reduces healthcare costs*
  • HCAPHS scores – higher scores equals higher reimbursement
  • Day-of-Surgery Cancellations – reduced by checklist confirmations

Using PatientApps as a follow-on to your pre-procedure patient consult, you can establish and confirm pre-procedure expectations, night before preparation, readying for post-procedure, at-home care and a day-by-day activities and schedules with reminders, recovery progress and contacting the hospital with a quick swipe of the screen.

  • Procedure description and outcome expectations and recovery path
  • Pre-procedure checklist
  • Post-procedure Daily checklist
  • Symptom triage –what to do if
  • When to call the physician ...and a "single button" to make the call when necessary.

* A 2017 research study by HealthEast showed that simply sending support emails to patients lowered readmissions by 21%, significantly reduced post-procedure specialist care, and a 16% reduction in length of care.

Key Features of PatientApps Technology

Quickly implemented with no IT integration and no HIPAA issues.

Embedded content and quality control system to assure ultimate institutional control

Efficient app-building production system that can embrace varying media types, inputs, and languages

A ready supply of leading surgeon authors and reviewers.

Deep experience-based knowledge of how people learn, with the technology to deliver that information

Secure distribution system



“PatientApp is the support tool that every surgeon needs to educate their patient about what to expect perioperatively. This app taps best practices and ERAS guidelines to optimize health outcomes and maximize patient satisfaction.”

Daniel B. Jones, MD, MS, FACS
Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School
Vice Chair of Surgery
Office of Technology and Innovation
Chief, Minimally Invasive Surgical Services
Director of the Bariatric Program
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

"This application will ensure that patients will have, at their fingertips, all the information they need to dramatically reduce the anxiety of not knowing what to expect with their procedure. For the surgeon or proceduralist, it will help streamline the patient experience, reduce extra work by minimizing confusion or uncertainty, and guarantee an informed consent process."

Michael D. Stone MD
Former Chair of Surgery at Stamford, CT

"…Having an app that provides guidance for them, their loved ones / families ‘through a particular medical procedure: medical context, preparation, procedure, and especially post-operative care’ is vital.”

Yvonne Gomez-Carrion MD, FACOG
Director of OB/Gyn, Beth Israel Deaconess

“PATIENTAPPS will both enhance the physician-patient relationship and improve the critical pre-and post-procedure education, for prescribed surgical procedure and guiding steps for the best recovery. Doctors and patients can realize tremendous benefits including –better outcomes, lower costs of care and higher satisfaction with the overall experience. The PATIENTAPPS connectivity to the patient and their surgeon is of great importance in the overall delivery of healthcare and patient education in preparation for post-procedure at-home care and recovery.”

Raymond Kreiger
Senior Vice President
Network Development
Zelis Healthcare

“This mHealth app provides patients and doctors a way to provide important information to patients in a quick, easy to understand format that is simple to obtain on smartphone, notebook, laptop or desktop computer."

Michael Payne, MD, MPH, FACG, FACP
Harvard Medical School Assistant Professor

"This application will provide patients with a bias free informative source and support…they can digest at their own pace before and after visits with their physicians."

Michael T. Watkins, MD, FACS
Medical Director, Wound Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital