PatientApps launches first App of its planned suite of 150 procedure apps. 


The first app is Childbirth!

The world of medical procedures needs solutions to affect patient re-admissions, health outcomes, excessive patient-physician interaction, day-of-surgery cancellations, hospital length-of-stay, protocol testing, and patient “likes”. 


Using the leading self-learning technologies, PatientApps has some solutions.  We are happy to announce the launch of our service providing remote support to patients undergoing a procedure. 


Each app provides a message from the physician, a full procedure description, any alternative solutions, hour-by-hour pre and post-procedure protocols, and a full symptom triage with communications linked to appropriate hospital sources.  Apps are edited, authored, and reviewed by leading practitioners, and employ PatientApp’s consumer-learning skills to ensure patient engagement.


We will cover 150-200 individual procedures ranging from Obstetrical, Bariatric, to Orthopedic procedures using user-friendly apps distributed by physicians to their patients. Universally, patients and providers say they want this.


Apps are white-labeled for each hospital and – if needed - physician.  Care instructions can be quickly tailored for each physician’s preferences.


We launch with Childbirth, followed by bariatric and several other Obstetric procedures, then over 20 Minimally Invasive Surgery procedures in English.  Other procedures and languages follow later in Q1 2019.


We expect to avoid typical mHealth barriers because implementation is done within hours and at minimal cost.  No mind-numbing EHR integration, and no need for HIPAA compliance. 


Our apps operate on all recent devices, all recent O/S, and all screen sizes – you don’t need an app store.  We are truly patient-centric.